Booking Your Graduation Photography Session

Knowing that all of your hard work over the years has actually paid off and you are finally done with school, theirs only one thing left to do. Graduation Pictures, capturing those smiles and excitement that you’ve been containing for the past couple of years.

We’ve all seen Graduation photos and how most of them can look the same. Confetti, hat throwing, and all smiles, maybe even seeing some graduation photos that would have pets and family members in them. So we’re always presenting new ideas to our clients regarding the Graduation photoshoot that they’ve booked with us. Not only to make their shoot more personal but also to make their shoot different from others. No one wants their images to look like they went to Portrait Innovations to get it taken.

When we speak to our clients before and during their photoshoots, we ask specific questions to learn exactly who they are. We also include in our booking form for our clients to upload different images that they’ve seen online or from their friends and family. They would like to mimic rather than the posing, lighting, or multiple locations. Doing this helps us customize your graduation photoshoot experience at True Essence Photography. 

Theirs a few things that you have to remember with your Graduation Photoshoot Session. Some college campuses have rules that don’t allow you to bring balloons, confetti, or great camera equipment that we would typically get to our standard Graduation Photoshoot sessions. Some college also has had it set that photos aren’t allowed in some areas, but in other colleges, they don’t allow any photography. That would make it so that you would have to go to another outdoor area or book our studio to do your Graduation photoshoot. So be sure to check with your school’s rules that they have set in place for this type of thing.