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Hello, my name is Dontavious Chesson

I’m a Photographer and Cinematographer based in Greenville, NC.

Specializing in Weddings, Engagements, Commercials, Portraits, and Headshots.

About Dontavious Chesson, he is here with a dji ronin gimbal and a blackmagic 6k pro recording a wedding reception entrance of the bride and groom.

Dontavious Chesson

Every day, I, Dontavious Chesson, dedicate myself to honing my craft, ensuring that my present and future clients receive the highest quality and experience possible. I am committed to delivering unparalleled value without compromising the excellence of the experience or the finished product.

about dontavious chesson, here he is holding a blackmagic 12k on a satchler tripod at a wedding.
about dontavious chesson, he is seen here with an all black suit with a green tie walking away from a bridal party with his two sony cameras after capturing their photos.

Discover the Artistry of Dontavious Chesson: Photography & Cinematography

Welcome to my world of photography and cinematography. Perhaps you arrived here by a happy accident, or maybe it was destiny. Either way, I’m thrilled you’ve made it. I invite you to get comfortable, let your curiosity wander, and spend some extra time getting acquainted with me and my craft. Your presence here is appreciated, whether you engage my services or explore my portfolio.

I’m Dontavious, the heart and soul behind this creative venture, where every snapshot and film clip is a piece of my journey. This space isn’t just where I showcase my work; it reflects the myriad places I’ve had the honor of visiting and the fleeting moments I’ve managed to seize through my lens.

Photography is my passion, but my commitment to the community extends beyond the frame. When not immersed in visuals, I serve at a local hospital, contributing to the vital mission of saving lives. I stand with our healthcare warriors, resolving the technological challenges that come their way, ensuring their focus remains on the critical work of healing and helping.

Dive into my portfolio, and you may find that my vision aligns perfectly with the memories you wish to immortalize. Whether it’s the laughter-lit moments of a wedding day, the earnest gaze in a professional headshot, or the cinematic storytelling of a commercial venture, I am here to bring your stories to light with authenticity and artistry.

The Origin of True Essence Photography: A Personal Journey

The story behind the name True Essence Photography is as personal as it is unique, a gift from someone I’ve held in high esteem since before my foray into the world of lenses and light. This friend and mentor, whose insight I’ve always valued, somehow conjured up the perfect name, though the full path of his inspiration remains a charming mystery to me. It was during one of our many heartfelt discussions about my hopes for what my photography could one day become, about the moments I wanted to freeze – those fleeting, unguarded snapshots of life – that he suggested a name that felt just right.

My passion lies in capturing images and the emotions and stories they carry – the laughter, the tears, the quiet glances, and the loud celebrations. These threads weave the fabric of our lives, and I’m here to document them so you can relive those times repeatedly.

If you’re looking for someone to help you hold onto the little things, the big things, and everything in between, let’s start a conversation. Head to the Contact Us Page, send me a message, and we’ll begin this beautiful storytelling journey together.

this is about dontavious chesson, here he is directing a wedding party on how to pose during wedding photography and videography

Dontavious Chesson

Photographer + Cinematographer // CEO

Dontavious Chesson

I believe that every photo or video is personal to that specific person or company. Our connection with clients determines how the projects will look at the end of the photography or videography process. We must understand the clients, bond with them, and be a part of their dream of the perfect final product. Their dream is our dream.