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Over the years, our portfolio grew in so many ways and has branched out in various genres of photography and cinematography

Looking at a Photographer or Cinematographer’s portfolio can tell you many things about the company before you even speak with them.

Commerical Photography

Commerical Videography

Event Videography

Man and son give each other a pound at the father's wedding in charlotte, nc wedding venue. The man is wearing a red suit with a black tie for his wedding day. Planning your first wedding starts here.

Our Portfolio

What is a Photographer’s Portfolio?

A photographer’s portfolio is a collection of your past work, presented in digital or printed format, that represents your photographic focus or the type of work that you want to create in the future.

A portfolio, therefore, can be used to showcase your work and demonstrate your talent and area(s) of expertise to your market or audience. Many photographers choose to create more than one portfolio, each suited for different markets or goals. Done well, portfolios are an excellent marketing tool. The following can also apply to the world of Cinematography, where the work can come alive to tell many stories. 

When creating our portfolio we thought back to many factors that would influence which clients we wanted to attract and also work within the present and future.

Here are just some of the questions we asked ourselves and also factors that played a part in creating our portfolio, that you’ve seen.

  1. Who is our audience? What kind of clients are we trying to bring to your site? Are they people? Companies? Couples?
  2. What is our best photo shoot or series? If we could pick one image to represent our work, what would it be?
  3. What are our goals for our business in general? Do we want to branch out into another type of photography or cinematography, like fashion or food? Is there something in your work that you want to improve?
  4. What are some of our strengths and weaknesses?