Booking Your Birthday Photography Session

Knowing that this day will only happen once a year and it’s a day directly special to you, why not add the icing on this special day by booking a birthday photography session

Theirs a few things that you should never forget when booking your birthday photography session. Bring more than one outfit, bring as many balloons that will possibly fit into your car, plenty of smiles, and can’t possibly forget about an essential item, the cake!

In some cases, if we know ahead of time, we can also provide the balloons, or you may bring the balloons by the studio. To have everything set up and ready for when your session begins.


Yes, we know that sometimes in the birthday session, things may get just slightly messy with confetti and other things that you may want to use during your session. But that’s fine with us, as long as we get the shot and it’s exactly as you pictured it we’re completely fine with the cleanup.

Typically we really wouldn’t have any limits to the creativity that the client may have, but for the outrageous request, you can typically refer to our FAQ or shoot us an email so we can answer all of your questions that you may have in regards to your birthday photography session.