Booking Your Mini Session

Mini Sessions

Over the past six years of business, we have strictly been doing sessions no shorter than an hour. We’ve been asked multiple times; Do you offer anything shorter than an hour? Does your company offer mini-sessions? What if I only required five images instead of fifteen or thirty images? Well, here we are about to enter a new year, so what comes with a new year? New aspects on how to do different things with our business. So now we are here to say WE ARE FINALLY OFFERING MINI SESSIONS, but with a little twist on them.

What’s Different About Our Mini Sessions?

The spin we are talking about putting on mini sessions is that we are incorporating our old business practices with new business practices. Most photographers in the industry only offer mini-sessions during the holidays and special events. We feel that some people either don’t celebrate the holidays or don’t have time in this busy holiday season to stop and participate in mini-sessions. So to ensure that we can help every one of our clients out, we’ve decided to offer mini sessions throughout the year 2023. When we approach 2024, we will revisit this idea to see how our current and future clients respond to the ideal and move forward from there.

What locations can I choose from?

The magic question is, where will we do our mini-session at? Well, over the past few years, we’ve always been asked if you could come to me to do the photo session. In most cases, we couldn’t come to the client for their family or portrait session. But we are now rethinking that aspect of our business so that we may accommodate our clients. As we understand, you’ve spent a lot of money on the holiday decoration or even just your decor in general, and who wouldn’t want to capture and/or show the world their hard work in making your setup perfect?