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Booking with True Essence Photography couldn’t be any easier. We’ve made sure to break down everything that we can handle below.

For anything that’s not below, please be sure to visit our Contact us page. 

Commerical + Videography

Booking with us

It’s been a long-established fact that booking anything in life can be tedious and confusing at times. Especially when booking your photographer or videographer. No one likes to feel as though they’re confused or as if they’re entering the wrong information then have to go about starting the entire process over. 

When it comes to booking your session with our company, you can always go back to make changes in the customer portal explicitly designed for you. If you feel more comfortable with one of our photographers either walking you through the process of booking or session. Or setting up an appointment to meet us at our studio to talk you through the process or just to get that personal connection with us before booking your session.

Over the years, we’ve always heard the saying, be sure to make separate websites and businesses for everything you do. That’s fine for some, but it comes with many headaches and works for us. But also our future and past clients can all be avoided in the long run. For whatever reason, you are looking for services that you don’t see above in all of our provided options. Don’t hesitate to get in touch with us. Where we can communicate how to handle your project exactly, and for whatever reason if we can’t do the project, we’re referring you out to a fellow photographer and or videographer, that’s in your local area or that don’t mind traveling to your location that you have in mind.