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Looking for a photographer? But also looking for a videographer? Maybe you are also looking for someone to take on your new website.

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When people come to us for a photo shoot or video shoot, they typically have an idea of what they want, but we're here to assist with that.

Design & Style

If you haven’t noticed already, our style is slightly distinguishable from most photographers. We lean more towards cinematic imagery.

Working with a professional photographer

As a professional photographer, I prioritize ensuring you have an overwhelmingly positive experience working with True Essence PhotographyDuring your photo session, my team provides that your experience will fulfill your needs. Sometimes it’s our client’s first time working with a professional photographer and being in a studio environment. But at the end of their session, you would think by looking at the images we’ve captured, they were professional and had been doing it all their lives.

Revealing The Best Version Of You

“Essence” is a term that refers to the core qualities or characteristics that define a person. It’s the fundamental nature of who we are – the traits, tendencies, and personality traits that make us unique. Capturing someone’s essence means representing these qualities in a visual form, such as through photography or videography.

As a photographer or videographer, the goal is to capture the subject’s essence in the most authentic and accurate way possible. This requires a deep understanding of the person being photographed, as well as a technical skillset that allows the artist to use lighting, framing, and composition to create an image that truly captures the subject’s spirit.

When I set out to capture someone’s essence through photography or videography, I start by getting to know the person on a deeper level. I ask questions, observe their behavior, and try to understand what makes them tick. This helps me to identify the unique traits and qualities that make them who they are.

The result is a photograph or video that captures the essence of the person in a way that feels real and authentic. When viewers see the image, they should feel a connection to the subject, as if they know them on a deeper level. This is the power of capturing someone’s essence – it allows us to connect with others in a meaningful way, and to appreciate the unique qualities that make each of us who we are.

Creating Magic Out Of The Ordinary

Our clients often present us with the idea that they don’t know how to bring it to reality. But that’s where we shine when it comes to being a photographer. With most of our team being very technical, we can recreate almost anything imaginable. We also have many creatives to mix with our team’s technical aspects to add more spice to your already great idea.

When starting a photo shoot, I’ve always ensured that our client knows that we aren’t posing you during their shoot directly, but more so directing you so that the image will still look like your natural self and not staged poses that everyone typically does.

Our Company Moto

Revealing the essence of life’s precious moments, True Essence Photography captures memories that truly represent. Let us preserve your unique story, With stunning images that will forever be your glory.

Our #1 Priority

My priority as a photographer and a videographer, first and foremost, is to capture moments that truly matter. Those raw fleeting moments sideline the highlights. To me, it’s not just about the pictures. It’s about the feeling.


You’ve come to the wrong place if you’re looking for a guy with a fancy camera. I want to capture all of the messy, authentic, in-between moments. Not just photos of your first dance with your dad. But pictures of the tears on your mom’s face when she watched the two of you. I am not the right photographer for everyone, which is 110% ok.

A traditional bride deserves a conventional photographer or videographer. My couples? They’re the adventurers. The laid-back, live-for-the-moment kind of people. If you’re the bride who gets her dress dirty and doesn’t even bat an eye because you’re so lost in the fun and magic of the moment, then let’s do this thing! 

Let's create stunning images together!