How we’re different from other wedding photographers

What makes us different, from other Wedding Photographers


Photography Timeline:

The main aspect that makes us different from a majority of Wedding Photographers is that we take time to carefully create a photography timeline for your wedding. You should be provided a timeline by your wedding coordinator or DJ. However, we add to the organization of your day by detailing a timeline that will work within your original timeline. This helps us ensure that nothing important is overlooked. We are providing you with the best photos possible after your wedding!


Every photo is entirely hand-developed/edited (not a tiny portion)…Yes, every single one! This takes a lot of patience and effort, but it’s well worth it in the end.

– Even though we take the time necessary to handcraft every image from your wedding day. Our turnaround time is still among the best in the state, generally around 4-6 weeks.


We will not make any upcharges on our luxury products. We offer them as a courtesy to you not to make money on. This is not something that any other photographer does. In fact, many charges between 5-9 times what they purchase the product for (often albums from other photographers will cost around $800, ours start at $250).



We take the time to organize your wedding photos into categories within your online digital gallery. You will be proud to share your photo gallery with friends and family. The presentation is absolutely stunning. You can hide specific photos when sharing your gallery. Heart your favorite photos to let others know which photos you love the most, download your images individually or in their entirety, order prints with the click of a button, and share them to social media. Without the need of having to download each image.


We ensure that there are no limitations on what we provide full printing and sharing rights. We view these photos as yours, not ours. Let’s be honest, this is your wedding, these are your moments, and we’re your photographers. Why should we concern ourselves with what you would like to do with YOUR photos? Other photographers can be very strict about this, and we’ll never understand why. Print, share, and love Your photos any way you would like!

Professionalism & Experience:

Every engagement session and wedding package comes with 2 Professional Photographers. Generally, photographers hire another person as a “second shooter.” This allows the “primary” shooter or the professional to pay less out of pocket while still providing two photographers (which is necessary for a wedding). The “second shooter” is always inexperienced and attempting to build a portfolio for themselves through working your wedding, all the while hoping to break into the wedding industry themselves. We provide two primary, professional photographers every time. Even our engagement sessions would sometimes come with 2 professional photographers if requested by the client.

Style & Design:

We can and will build a Pinterest board for styling your engagement session and planning wedding photos. We also have a questionnaire that we will send over to ensure that your photography is captured per your exact expectations. We’re good at what we do, but knowing you and your expectations helps us be the best!



Our packages are designed to make your wedding booking process that much easier by allowing you to customize your wedding choices. We have taken the time to thoroughly plan our packages over the years. After witnessing hundreds of weddings, we have come pretty close to perfect. However, we are as flexible as possible. We do offer hourly rates, which you can add to any package. We do include Engagement sessions in all of our wedding photography packages, even in our videography packages.

– We will send you a quote with our customer relationship management system.

You will be able to select the options you would like to include, such as; Wedding photo and video packages, prints, digital images, and even a wedding makeup artist. This makes things simple for you to build your package and not be overcharged for things you wouldn’t even need for your special day.

We Do Not Charge Per Hour for Sessions:

We do not charge hourly for engagement sessions (we are there to capture the perfect moment and create beautiful images, however long that takes is how long it will take). Generally, engagement sessions run about an hour to an hour and a half. Still, sometimes we have limited control over the environment, lighting, and background distractions, which may last a little longer to ensure the best possible session!

We stick around:

Once your photos are delivered, we aren’t going anywhere. We will always be here for you! Next month for questions and next year as friends! Many of our wedding clients have become great friends. They prefer to use us for all of their life moments, from their Engagement session to Maternity, newborn, and Family photos down the road. Let’s take beautiful photos and have fun doing it!

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