The importance of a great headshot

Let’s face the facts. No matter what field of work we’re in, most don’t always think about capturing a professional headshot. But instead, we take a photo with our cell phone and post it on our profiles, websites, and other platforms and label it as our “headshot”. Sometimes we can get by using that as a headshot at the start of our career, but as we progress in our career, it may be time to invest in booking a professional headshot session.

When a headshot is taken professionally, the viewer ascribes an immediate air of legitimacy to the subject. This representation has immediately quantifiable benefits; LinkedIn profiles with professional headshots get 14 times more profile views than those without professional headshots. 

On the technical side, this photograph illustrates what makes for a high-quality headshot. When done correctly, well-placed and reflected lights introduce the face’s dimension and help separate the subject from the background. It is also essential to keep the person as the main focus in the portrait, which is most easily achieved by using a solid color backdrop. Glasses add another difficulty level in taking photos with a flash, but it is not impossible to execute. The light was placed slightly higher than usual and used to illuminate his highest features, with a reflector filling the shadows below. This method, known as clamshell lighting, is a well-used technique in headshot photography. 

studio headshot against red background in greenville nc

A lot More Than Just A "Headshot."

Along with an individual headshot, a need to represent your business further could also be needed. For example, imagine your company, firm, or agency sends out a press release regarding a significant development, launching a new marketing campaign, or being featured in a magazine or newspaper. In each case, additional photos of your team and you will be valuable.

Given the ever-expanding readership of print and digital media, along with the Internet’s 3.81 billion social media users sharing and reposting such media, any number of people could end up seeing these photos. For this reason, one should consider, in addition to your headshot, requesting additional company photos that will positively represent your brand wherever your photographic presence may travel. 

We understand that at this trying time, purchasing a headshot session may not be in the budget. So for that very reason, we are here to help you out in any way that we can with discounts and other incentives to ensure that even though the world may be in disarray at the present time, we are here to make your world a little better.

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