The reason why we ask our clients to sign a model release?

Understanding our process 

When one of our clients decides to book a session, we send a proposal with a contract and a link to pay half the session fee, which is the deposit and isn’t refundable. Within that contract is a model release to help clarify how I can use your images. Also, where we’re allowed to use your images?

“Photographer will own the copyright in all images created and will have the right to make reproductions for, without limitation, marketing materials, portfolio entries, sample products, and use or for display within or on Photographer’s website and studio. If Photographer desires to make other uses, then the Photographer will not do so without first obtaining the client’s written permission, which may not be unreasonably withheld or delayed. It is understood that any duplication or alteration of original images is strictly prohibited without the written permission of Photographer.”

Finding our work

Almost all of our clients book a session because they have seen and enjoyed our work in online portfolios. Maybe they found my photos on Yelp.comFacebookInstagram, or my website, and then they felt connected to my work in some way. All of the people in those photos are my previous clients, rather than paid models. As such, it’s tremendously crucial for my business. 

For fine art photography or editorial work (example: photos that help illustrate newspaper or magazine articles), photographers are not required to get a model release. They must have a model release if they want to use someone’s likeness for self-promotion or advertisement. 

Understanding the purpose of the Model Release

do not include a model release that allows me to sell the photos to a third party. You don’t have to worry about your image being sold to a stock agency and appearing in another company advertisement.

Our best clients want to support my studio with positive reviews and referrals and allow me to use their photos to maintain and build my business. Displaying a variety of my best work in online media is one way that my company can continue to thrive. I understand that sometimes extenuating circumstances do not allow for shared photos, such as families with foster children. Please let me know if you have restrictions because of this type of situation.

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